What is LOVE WINS!!!

LOVE WINS!!!  Is the premise of this site!

LOVE WINS!!!  Supports the concept the child comes first.

LOVE WINS!!!   Is truly what is in the best interest of the child.


I am not interested in who wins the couch in the property settlement.   Or, who acquires the wedding china. My concern is who is sitting on the couch with their child.   Who is preparing the meal to serve on the wedding china.

My concern is how does this newly redefined family sit down and enjoy dinner together.


LOVE WINS!!! Emphasizes the custody aspect of divorce. 

What is the difference between Divorce and Custody?

Divorce is separation and dividing of property.

Custody is creating a parenting plan for both parents to follow.  A plan that encourages and supports Shared Parenting for each parent to maintain a loving relationship with their child. 


Divorce is between the parents-About the Child!